About My Dealer

Here at My Dealer, we believe the quality of our vehicles and how we deal with the client are the corner stones of what we are all about. Whether you're buying a cash car or financing, talking to the client as if they were our neighbor is key. Respect the client & make sure they have a good feeling in their heart when they are done with their visit. Some of the ways to achieve these goals is to put forth a superior quality vehicle, make sure it has a clean Carfax or Auto-Check report, make sure the vehicle passes the safety & emission state inspection. Yes that means we replace brakes, wipers, tires, lights, and what ever it needs to make sure it is road ready. We also detail the car from shampooing the interior to waxing the exterior. We want to get into a clean car, so why wouldn't that apply to everyone that's buying a car? We make sure it has a fresh oil change service. We don't like to haggle, even though some of our clients love it... If we can make a deal to please the client, we are all in. We are closely associated with a repair facility that can give deep discounts to our client in case something goes wrong after the sale. We offer financing & warranties at the time of purchase. We basically treat people like we like to be treated. Isn't that the golden rule after all? Check out our inventory. See what catches your eye.

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